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Poke Go RB
17090 Bernardo Center Dr. #125 
San Diego CA 92128
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Make it the way  you like!

Fresh Ingredients and a Genuine Passion

Translating into "cubes", Poké is popular raw fish salad traditionally made with fresh ahi(yellow fin) tuna originated from Hawaiian cuisine. The abundance of fresh tuna, met with Asian seasoning resulted in modern poke;  characterized by its strong flavor and spiciness. 


At Poké Go, you will explore our delicious 5 poké seasonings; 

Shoyu Hawaiian
Spicy Mayo

Poké à la carte - Ahi Tuna, Salmon, Albacore, Scallops, Tako and Shrimp Poké of your choice from 5 seasonings with pinch of Seaweed Salad and toppings.

Bowls - Simply select from our fish choices or Tofu, then Choose one of our special   seasonings and sauces of your preferences, over rice or salad and side of your choice.