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Sides & Soup

  • Tartar Macaroni  salad 
  • Krab salad
  • Seaweed salad
  • Kimchi

Poké  Bowls -  build your own bowl : Small, Regular, Large & Extra Large 

    Protein choices- Ahi Tuna, Salmon, Albacore, Scallop, Shrimp and Tofu  

​       Small  - 2 scoops of protein

        Regular - 3 sccoops of  protein

          Large - 4 scoops of proteins

           Xtra Large - 5 scoops of proteins

     Base -  Select upto 2 base

            White Rice / Brown rice / Salad / Totilla chips  

     Seasoning -select upto 2 seasoning & option for extra spicy!! 

          ​Shoyu Hawaiian -  traditional Hawaiian shoyu sause w sesame oil 

              Kimchi -  kimchi marinated of red pepper, garlic & sesame oil

                Spicy Mayo  - A rich homemade japanese mayonaise w. spicy kick of asian chilies

                  Wasabi  -  A flavorable blend of shoyu and butter with the classic heat of wasabi

                    Teriyaki  -  Savory sweet snd mild teriyaki

     Basic Toppings & Mix in

          Side optionTatar Macaroni or Krab salad  

               Mix in - Cucumber, Jicama, Seaweed     

                   Basic toppings - Seaweed salad, Edamame, Ginger, Masago, Green onion, Furikake

     Optional Toppings - Avocado, Krispy onion, xtra seaweed salad, xtra side

Poké by container -  Small /Medium / Large  

       Ahi, Salmon, Albacor, Scallop , Shrimp or Tofu

 We will prepare  with our delicious 5 seasonings of your choice. 

combination of fish is available as well.

Menu items and prices may vary locations to locations

  • Tofu Salad
  • Miso Soup

Poké Bibigo - Korean dish "Hoedupbap": Assorted shredded veggies with Shoyu Hawaiian poké topped on rice. Protein options includes Ahi, Salmon, Tako or combination. Serve with Spicy Gochujang vinagrette to mix and enjoy!

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